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14 September 2019 @ 05:21 pm
Hello everyone~

I go by the nickname Jen. The lj is kinda friend's only but that's because random people on lj don't really care about rl issues and all that jazz I assume.

This account will only be used for reading and for the other sites I've joined that I don't wanna clog other only fandom lj with so... yeah :/

EDIT;  I HAVE SORTA MOVED TO countrymir  :3

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11 November 2009 @ 09:00 pm
 so apparently if i don't say anything in my journal i'm a fake acct. god forbid i don't feel like writing an emo post about how kangin is a horrible person and he's hurting the group, or how teukie is the biggest emo ever and needs some anti depression pills, and how kibum is MIA and everyone is missing him, or perhaps how i hate geng oh so much because he isn't taking care of himself and is wearing thin tees in freezing weather.

they're big boys, get over it. they're trying to.

i hope this counts as enough then.

if not then i'm sure i can spazz some over how X looks so hot with Y next to him, and how obvious it is that they're like totally fucking back at the dorms because duh, who can resist it when he (INSERT X'S SEXUAL FEAT HERE).

i am troll no longer =D
(short so not cut)
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13 September 2009 @ 11:34 pm
Only to keep myself from stopping the though process when I just want to keep on thinking and writing new stories when I have idk how many hundred unfinished fics. Some are deep in writing and only need to be finished, some are only in my head and need to be written out.

Please don't be alarmed if I name something really weird, I used to name all the ff by creep codenames (no lie, i once tagged one period blood).

EDITED: 2-15-10

-suju santa
-rare pair fic   dear god this needs to be revamped one day
-kpfw mini bb
colorstained suju
-femme bb
-ot3 bb

-office au (yewook, minyoung, etc) ((sheena
-shutter haemin AU ((2kitties
-tale of two sisters yewook AU ((nina
-ballerina hanmin AU
-kyuhyukmin ((min
-the meme  (( here
-the other meme (( here
-that other effing meme (( here
-farm qmi AU ((mr. yoo IN PROGRESS
-shupagurl kihae ((katie
-the other idk how many yewook's ive started for sheena
-hyukmin/kyuhae switchup au

-wonry mv AU
-mr yoo qmi ((LMFAO mr.yoo 

This is the extremely abridged version of the to-do-list